Franco Neto Massage Therapy in Bethnal Green, East London

Reiki. Reiki in Bethnal Green

A little bit about Reiki

Reiki is an non-invasive therapy most popular known as a hands-on healing technique. In Japanese - where it originally came from - Reiki means 'Life Force Energy', which is activated by intention through an 'attuned' practitioner and works in every level.

In Reiki I give focus on seven main points within the energy field known as chakras, that in Sanskrit means the points which regulates and distribute 'the 'Life Force Energy' into our subtle and physical bodies.

Reiki clients don't need to remove any clothing off as Reiki energy passes easily through all materials and as a practitioner I place my hands gently on or over their body which automatically draws in only as much Reiki energy as is needed.

Clients experience Reiki as a flow of energy and some clients will feel it physically as a mild tingling, warmness, coolness, other sensations or nothing at all. However, most clients will experience deep relaxation which promotes a calm and peaceful sense of well-being.

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